Therapy with me

My Therapy Room

If you have never thought of seeking therapeutic help before, you probably don’t know what to expect and may feel a little anxious.

I don’t tell you what to do. Instead, I will work with you to help you understand where you are now, define where you want to be, support you in discovering more choices about how to get there and guide you through the process.

All you need to bring with you is the motivation to make changes to your life.

Each session will be around 45 minutes. It is long enough to achieve progress but short enough to ensure you are not working on too much in one go. In between sessions you may be given ‘homework’ – things or activties to do in your own time that will help you along the path to change.

You are what you think…what you focus on becomes your reality, whether it’s positive thoughts or negative ones…if you are positive you will fail, you probably will…so change your thoughts to change your life.